Department of Government and Public Policy

Head of Department: Zsolt Boda


Although different kinds of policy research have long been part of the activities of the Institute, they did not belong to a specific department or research team. The Department of Government and Public Policy was created in order to integrate those researches. Policy research is relatively underdeveloped in Hungarian political science, and the Department aims to become a centre of excellence in the field. We believe that policy science is both important in theoretical terms, and relevant from a practical perspective. The main objective of the Department is to conduct empirical research on the Hungarian policy process as well as to contribute to the development of concepts and theories of policy science.
The current research themes of the Department are as follows:


Analysing the factors that determine governing capabilities and government performance.

The role of public trust in effective policymaking.

Participation and governance in policymaking: new ways of governing.

Analysing New Public Management and public management reforms.

Problems of local and regional development.

The political economy of power delegation to independent bodies.