Policy Agendas Hungary

About the project


The Hungarian Policy Agendas Project is the country project of the Comparative Agendas Project - CAP established at the Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The project seeks to develop systematic measures of the policy agenda of Hungarian government and politics over time. It applies the policy content coding system of the original Policy Agendas Project in the United States, founded by Frank Baumgartner and Bryan Jones, with the aim of creating a consistent record of the issues that are attended to at different points in time, across many of the main venues of Hungarian public policy and politics – namely in parliament, the media and public opinion. The reliability of these measures of policy attention are ensured through adherence to clearly defined coding rules and standards, which give us confidence that changes in the priorities of government can be tracked consistently over time and in different arenas of politics.

The Hungarian Policy Agendas Project is in the process of generating a number of datasets for use by other researchers, students, practitioners and the public. These will be freely available and we encourage anyone who is interested either in using the data or applying the policy content coding system to create their own measures of other aspects of Hungarian public policy to contact us so that we can advise on coding rules and standards.

At present, data collected for the project includes:

  • Front page headlines of Magyar Nemzet (a conservative daily), Népszabadság (a left-liberal daily) and index.hu (a major news portal)
  • Public opinion polls regarding the ‘most important problem facing the country’
  • Interpellations
  • Public expenditures by government functions
  • Public laws and other acts of the Hungarian National Assembly
  • Bills and Hearings of the Hungarian National Assembly

This website is managed and updated by Csaba Molnár. Questions about project datasets and the policy agendas content coding system should be directed to Zsolt Boda and Miklos Sebok. Questions about project outputs should be directed to the corresponding author of the relevant publication.

This page is an adaptation of the UK Policy Agendas Project and we acknowledge the copyrights of the original publishers.